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Character Name WoW Armory Villain
Class Warlock Warlock
Level 100
Race Undead
What do you do for a living? (Work?, School?) Full Time school, drive for Uber part time when i feel like it to make extra money.
What is your Mainspec? Offspec? How proficient are you with them?

I play Affliction, and I am fairly new to Warlock. Just started playing warlock this expansion. Was a protection warrior / feral druid the last 8 years. I am fairly quick to pick up and play new spec and I have a lot of alts i play casually.

How well do you handle criticism regarding play style, class mechanics, awareness, and priorities? We need people willing to work together to complete encounters not grow their ego, is yours in check? I am always open to suggestions and always looking to improve. I welcome any and all advice that would be beneficial to help myself play better which in turn would help out the raid team.
We raid Tuesday to Thursday, 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM CST - do you have any potential issues meeting the required 90% Raid Attendance with this schedule in mind? Please elaborate on your answers unless it is a confident yes. I have no conflicting things on my schedule that would prevent me from attending raid. Emergencies excluded.
There will be times that a raider must be benched due to needs of the raid, such as insufficient healing, damage, or class needs due to fight mechanics. It is nothing personal but it does happen. Is this going to be an issue? Please note this will occur in Mythic difficulty since it is capped at 20 people. I have no issue sitting if the needs of the raid / guild demand it.
Post a screenshot of your UI. http://i.imgur.com/CDXLFgd.jpg
What was your previous guild? Why did you leave?

I was an officer and raid leader there for the last 8 years. Long story short, there was disagreements over the direction to take the raid team (hardcore or casual) and the majority voted to go casual and those of us who wanted something more for our time invested decided it was time to part ways. Guild isn't dieing, but going completely casual. Was a hard choice to make because I have such fond memories there. I will be leaving alts there and continue to play other games like Overwatch with ATR members. Just looking to progress at a reasonable rate.

How often do you experience computer or network-related issues that would prevent you from raiding? almost never.
Is there anything else you would like to add on your behalf?

there is my logs from our first night in the The Nighthold. Not the best because it was still a night of learning mechanics. But I am always looking to do better and improve.

I've also put out apps to a few other guilds on various servers. Just so you're aware there is not 100% that I would join you if you accept, and I am more then willing to trial via realid.

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