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Character Name WoW Armory Casa
Class Monk Monk
Level 100
Race Night Elf
What do you do for a living? (Work?, School?) College (BTW, I'm lvl 110, forced to put 100)
What is your Mainspec? Offspec? How proficient are you with them? Windwalker MS/ MistWeaver OS. Know both very well and have been playing them since Monk release in MoP
How well do you handle criticism regarding play style, class mechanics, awareness, and priorities? We need people willing to work together to complete encounters not grow their ego, is yours in check? Very well, I am always working to get better and have worked in media based fields (video editing/film) throughout my Schooling, so my job in the future is literally based on constructive criticism and I am aways looking to learn.)
We raid Tuesday to Thursday, 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM CST - do you have any potential issues meeting the required 90% Raid Attendance with this schedule in mind? Please elaborate on your answers unless it is a confident yes. Yes, I'm in college and don't have a life. Free time is kinda my thing.
There will be times that a raider must be benched due to needs of the raid, such as insufficient healing, damage, or class needs due to fight mechanics. It is nothing personal but it does happen. Is this going to be an issue? Please note this will occur in Mythic difficulty since it is capped at 20 people. Yeah no problem, all about the guild! Just wanna hop in when farm weeks come along for some free chievs ^_^
Post a screenshot of your UI. http://i.imgur.com/k4ZjmJY.jpg
What was your previous guild? Why did you leave? Fluffy Kitties on Darkspear. The raiding team disbanded due to real life needs of the RL and GM.
How often do you experience computer or network-related issues that would prevent you from raiding? Barely ever, solid computer, solid internet.
Is there anything else you would like to add on your behalf? This was the first server I ever played on over 7 years ago, I moved to Darkspear a few years ago to PvP but after Raiding with a dedicated guild for these few months and remembering PvE experiences I had in Laughing Skull, I just wanna go back "home" I guess. I've always felt Laughing Skull is where I was always most comfortable.
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