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Character Name WoW Armory Urong
Class Rogue Rogue
Level 1
Race Blood Elf
What do you do for a living? (Work?, School?) I'm a Jeweler. Have been doing it for a year now, and plan on going about it for the rest of my life.
What is your Mainspec? Offspec? How proficient are you with them?

I'm an Assassination rogue. I've been playing Rogue for about 2 years now, and want to start raiding as a Rogue this Expansion.

How well do you handle criticism regarding play style, class mechanics, awareness, and priorities? We need people willing to work together to complete encounters not grow their ego, is yours in check? I check my own logs every raid to get better. I consider criticism exactly that, I want to do better therefore any information I can get on how to do that is always welcome. As far as the working together thing goes, I'm really just a friendly guy that likes to raid, laugh and have fun. If your nice to me, I'm nice to you, if you aren't nice to me, that's fine. Eventually we'll be friends.
We raid Tuesday to Thursday, 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM CST - do you have any potential issues meeting the required 90% Raid Attendance with this schedule in mind? Please elaborate on your answers unless it is a confident yes. Shouldn't be a problem on my end. If it ever is, I'll let y'all know way ahead of time.
There will be times that a raider must be benched due to needs of the raid, such as insufficient healing, damage, or class needs due to fight mechanics. It is nothing personal but it does happen. Is this going to be an issue? Please note this will occur in Mythic difficulty since it is capped at 20 people. Being benched is necessary for people who aren't meeting the requirements. If you do your job you stay, if not, you work at it and then apply the changes to do better; and therefore get to be a part of the raid.
Post a screenshot of your UI. http://imgur.com/a/cFb84
What was your previous guild? Why did you leave? Casual Insanity. (I was told they weren't a casual guild by a few members) They were a casual guild, there was a person -I will not say names- who bought all of their BiS gear and was doing lackluster DPS, I called them out on it and was removed. That's the long and short of it.
How often do you experience computer or network-related issues that would prevent you from raiding? Never really. If Comcast is being a bitch not much I can do about it, I'd say I have a problem once every few months. I have 170 dl. Will post screenshots lol
Is there anything else you would like to add on your behalf? >>[Your website doesn't let you put level 110]<<< I pull 220k-260k DPS, I don't enjoy dying, therefore I don't stand in fire. I've been playing the game since BC and have been raiding since as well. Raiding is my favorite thing to do in WoW and I really enjoy being around like-minded people. I'm just trying to kick some ass and make some friends along the way. And of course, do more than 7/7 EN.
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