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Character Name WoW Armory Daftdrunk
Class Rogue Rogue
Level 100
Race Undead
What do you do for a living? (Work?, School?) Currently in my final year of law school - then succumbing to the abyss of working to pay off my mountains of debt.
What is your Mainspec? Offspec? How proficient are you with them? I've actually got 100s of every class except DH at the moment, but my rogue is the one in EG and it is the one I've settled on leveling first to 110, at this point it seems like Outlaw is pretty nasty for DPS, but I will likely be putting the time in to gear/spec whichever gives me the highest DPS for raids.
How well do you handle criticism regarding play style, class mechanics, awareness, and priorities? We need people willing to work together to complete encounters not grow their ego, is yours in check? I love criticism regarding everything. It's the only way to improve and I hate being anything less than the best I can do for my class. I have an ego, but I don't view criticism as a problem.
We raid Monday to Thursday, 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM CST - do you have any potential issues meeting the required 90% Raid Attendance with this schedule in mind? Please elaborate on your answers unless it is a confident yes. Probably not, I have class early in the day for the most part. Towards the end of the semester (read: November/December) I may have conflicts a couple of nights when I have practice trials and what not, but I will no way in advance and can give adequate warning. I'm looking forward to being able to raid actively and with a mind towards progression in the new expansion.
There will be times that a raider must be benched due to needs of the raid, such as insufficient healing, damage, or class needs due to fight mechanics. It is nothing personal but it does happen. Is this going to be an issue? Please note this will occur in Mythic difficulty since it is capped at 20 people. Obviously not an issue, if someone is adding more to progression they should go in, I'm willing to wait my turn and be useful when and how I can.
Post a screenshot of your UI. in flux without updating addons, its clean and I know what I'm doing
What was your previous guild? Why did you leave? Before End Game? Honestly my last serious raid guild was "A fist full of quarters" in Wotlk, where I raided with my fury warrior with a bunch of ex-Evolution bros.
Is there anything else you would like to add on your behalf? I can be helpful if you want, I'm willing to put in the time, especially through the beginning months of this expansion. I hate stalling out on shit because people aren't pulling their weight. I won't be that person and you can be sure that for any raid I join I will be prepared. If not, just kick spockin.
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